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Sintered Diamond Drill Bits
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SUNVA Sintered Diamond Drill Bits can be used for glass, granite, marble and wall drilling hole, there are two kinds shaft: plain and 1/2” gas thread, it must be specified when ordering.

• Sintered Diamond

• Good-quality

• Can be manufactured according to your exact needs
SY-3 Sintered Diamond Drill Bits
Total Length Shaft Length Width of Diamond Outside Diameter Shaft Order No.
45mm 25mm 5mm 4mm 6mm SY-3004
45mm 25mm 5mm 5mm 6mm SY-3005
45mm 25mm 5mm 6mm 6mm SY-3006
65mm 30mm 5mm 8mm 8mm SY-3008
65mm 30mm 5mm 10mm 8mm SY-3010
65mm 30mm 5mm 12mm 8mm SY-3012
65mm 30mm 5mm 15mm 8mm SY-3015
65mm 30mm 5mm 18mm 8mm SY-3018
65mm 30mm 5mm 20mm 8mm SY-3020
65mm 30mm 5mm 22mm 12mm SY-3022
65mm 30mm 5mm 25mm 12mm SY-3025
65mm 30mm 5mm 27mm 12mm SY-3027
65mm 30mm 5mm 30mm 12mm SY-3030
65mm 30mm 5mm 32mm 12mm SY-3032
65mm 30mm 5mm 35mm 12mm SY-3035
65mm 30mm 5mm 40mm 12mm SY-3040
65mm 30mm 5mm 45mm 12mm SY-3045
65mm 30mm 5mm 50mm 12mm SY-3050
65mm 30mm 5mm 55mm 12mm SY-3055
65mm 30mm 5mm 60mm 12mm SY-3060
65mm 30mm 5mm 65mm 12mm SY-3065
65mm 30mm 5mm 70mm 12mm SY-3070
65mm 30mm 5mm 80mm 12mm SY-3080
65mm 30mm 5mm 85mm 12mm SY-3085
65mm 30mm 5mm 90mm 12mm SY-3090
65mm 30mm 5mm 100mm 12mm SY-3100
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